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Bed Bug Treatment in Winchester, VA, That Works

You’ve found many tiny reddish stains on your sheets. And to make matters even worse, you have small bites on your back that itch. Yes, you have bed bugs. These tiny insects are small and persistent. Any effective removal requires a combination of hard work and vigilance for the homeowner and the pest control company. Look to Barrett Pest & Termite Services for bed bug treatment in Winchester, VA.

Free Inspection

Count on our company to act swiftly and decisively for bed bug treatment. Call us as soon as you notice a problem. This will help to reduce the extent of the infestation. We provide you with a free inspection. Our licensed inspector comes to your house to investigate the problem. Once we see how extensive it is, our inspector comes up with a custom plan to eliminate the problem.

We do ask for your help. It’s up to you to wash all of the bedding in hot water to kill these pests. It’s also essential to vacuum the floor and rugs thoroughly as bedbugs like to hide in fabric. Once you have done all of this, we begin a treatment program. It may take more than one visit, so be patient. We’ve provided successful bed bug removal services in Fredrick County, VA, for countless clients. Rely on us to get rid of them once and for all.

Call us to resolve all of your pest problems. We work hard, smart, and efficiently.