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Real Estate Inspections and Reports

For our valued real estate agents in the northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and Eastern panhandle of West Virginia, mortgage and lending companies, we offer Wood Destroying Insect Inspection, Water Testing service and Septic Walkover Inspections.

Wood Destroying Pest Inspection

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

The Wood Destroying Insect Inspection and legal NPMA 33 Wood Destroying Insect report are required by lenders for the sale or refinance of a property. We can get it done! Barrett Pest & Termite Services is a licensed and insured affiliate member of the Blue Ridge Board of Realtors and we are electronic lock box accessible. We work with realtors and provide these services on any properties, both residential and commercial, to help get them to closing. All Wood Destroying Inspections are performed by State Certified inspectors with 10+ years of industry experience.
Cost for Wood Destroying Insect Inspections and legal report start at $50.00. Cost may vary depending on the size (large), location (outside our standard service area) or type (log) of property or properties. Please call our office for an exact quote if you have any questions.

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Additional Services

Current Pricing:

$75.00 for the Bacteria with 24-48 hour test results in our normal service area.
$180.00 for Lead, Nitrate and Nitrite with a 7-10 business day turnaround for the results in our normal service area.

Prices may vary and are subject to change at any time. Please call for current prices. Barrett Pest & Termite Services is NOT a State Certified lab and only provides sample pulling services in conjunction with Wood Destroying Insect Inspections.

Well Chlorination

Barrett Pest & Termite Services DOES NOT chlorinate wells. Consult the Health Department or follow the following chlorination directions:
½ pound of granular chlorine “shock” is mixed with water in a bucket then poured directly down the well casing, then the casing is immediately flushed with water from a garden hose and continued to run down the casing until chlorine is present at the end of the garden hose. At this point, shut off the garden hose, go into the house and bypass any water softener, if applicable. Then, go to all inside faucets and run cold water and flush all toilets several times until chlorine is present. Then shut the toilets and faucets off. Wait 24 hours for maximum effect.

Chlorination Clearing Off Process

Run the chlorine off by using an outside garden hose away from the foundation of the house and NOT on the ground above a septic field, if applicable. Once chlorine is no longer present at the end of the garden hose (must use chlorine test kit or strips) then, flush the remainder of the chlorine out of the household lines by running all the faucets and flushing all the toilets (Use chlorine test kit or strips). Performing the service this way will limit the amount of chlorine that actually enters the septic field and will preserve the most water.

Septic Walkover Inspection and Report

This is a basic visual inspection where 100 gallons of water is run through the system by flushing toilets and running all faucets within the structure. We look for any visible leaking within the visible plumbing within the structure. We will walk the septic field area and randomly probe looking for seepage and/or odor indicating broken lines. There is no warranty or guarantee with this inspection and report and we require a copy of the Health Departments Plat or Diagram indicating where the septic drain field is in relation to the structure. In addition we require our questions on our report be answered by the owner or authorized agent of the property inspected.

Current Pricing:

$100.00 for Septic Walkover inspection and report.

Prices may vary and are subject to change at any time. Please call for current pricing. Barrett Pest & Termite Services is NOT a Licensed Septic Company and only provides Septic Walkover services in conjunction with Wood Destroying Insect Inspections. A Septic Walkover Inspection will NOT be performed without a copy of the Health Departments plat or diagram.

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